Prayer Corner

Prayer is an integral part of our faith life.   It is our way of talking to God and telling him about our day as well as asking for any help we may need.  We can pray ourselves in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration, or we can request others to pray for us at Mass with Mass Intentions or with a Prayer Chain.  

Prayer is powerful and helps us to get closer to God.

Mass Intentions

  • Mass Intentions can be requested up to 3 months in advance of the Mass you would like to request (see below for dates).  A limit of six intentions per year at St. Bonaventure, unlimited intents to retired priests.  To request a mass intention, contact the parish office at or call 403-278-7556.

    • Booking windows for Mass Intentions:

      • On June 1 - for July, Aug., Sept.

      • On Sept. 1 - for Oct., Nov., Dec.

      • On Dec. 1 - for Jan., Feb., Mar.

      • On Mar. 1 - for Apr., May, June 

Prayers for the Sick or those who have recently Died

  • To have someone be included in the prayers for the sick or the prayers for those who have recently died at the weekend mass, contact the parish office at or call 403-278-7556.

Prayer Chain

  • The St. Bonaventure CWL has a group of prayer warriors who pray for the intentions of anyone who requests them.  Contact Lorraine Clark at 403-510-5169 or to request prayer intentions for you or for anyone you know that might need some extra prayers.


  • All are welcome to attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the church on Mondays from 12 noon to 4 pm.  Be sure to respect all of the rules surrounding COVID to attend.  

9 am Mass Intentions
Nov 23rd to 28th

Mon. Nov 23 - Sonja Duke, RIP

Tues. Nov 24 - Levinia Hawkins, Sp Int

7:00 pm          Francisco Honrade, RIP

Wed. Nov 25 - Leo Thymaras, Sp Int

Thur. Nov 26 -  Clarice D’Souza, RIP

7:00 pm          Amanda Honrade, RIP

Fri.   Nov 27 -  Sonja Duke, RIP

Sat. Nov 28 -   Leo Farrell, RIP

Weekend Mass Intentions

Sat. Nov 28

5:00 pm               Al Kiely, RIP

Sun. Nov 29

7:00 am               Intentions for the People

10:00 am             Aurele Gagnon, RIP

1:00 pm               Cory Mediema & Bev                                                 Ohama, Sp Int

4:00 pm               Lou Nasselback, RIP

7:00 pm               George Hays, RIP


For the Sick:

Anne Campbell, Glenda Krabben, Carson LaFrance, Rosie Bazzana, Don McLaughlin, Alberto Iammartino. Barbel Browne, Adelia Fournier, Ashley

For Those Who Have Recently Died:

Souls in Purgatory

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