The Corona Virus - COVID-19, has disrupted many aspects of our lives.  Keep up-to-date with the parish and diocese on how we are keeping you safe and dealing with the pandemic at this time.


Self Check Before Mass

Be sure to fill out the self check before mass.  Do not come to Mass if you answer yes to any of these questions

Physical Distance

Please Maintain a distance of 6 ft/2m between you and anyone not in your family/cohort at all times.

Enhanced Cleaning

Cleaning is done of all pews and high touch areas following each Mass.

Pencil and notepad

Pre-registration for Mass is Required

Mass Attendance is currently limited to 70 People.

 Pre-registration is required 

Mask Required

Face Coverings/Masks are required in all public buildings in the City of Calgary. 


COVID TEAM Ministries

Please contact our COVID Team coordinators directly if you would like to volunteer or have any questions.

Agnello Paes, Usher Coordinator;  403-278-5468     

Don Rasko, Point of Entry Coordinator; 403-271-7365

Brian DelCastilho, Safety Coordinator;  403-614-5950           

Lorraine Clark, Cleaning Team Coordinator;  403-510-5169              

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