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Christ is Risen!

Alleluia Alleluia!

Parishioners are reminded that the dispensation of the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday mass & other days of obligation remains in place until decreed otherwise by the Bishop of Calgary. It is encouraged that anyone who has concerns about exposure or their safety, participate in mass virtually via the many options available. 

Current mass times:

Monday - Saturday: 9 am

Tuesday & Thursday evenings: 7 pm


Sunday Masses

Saturday 5 pm (anticipated mass)

Sunday: 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm


Deadline to register for 

Tuesday - Saturday morning masses is 12 noon the day before. 


​Evening masses is 12 noon the same day.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday masses is 12 noon Friday.

Parish Office & Church Hours Monday - Friday

9:00 am to 12 noon

Mass Intentions

Prayers for the Sick & Deceased


Faith and Family

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Message from Fr. George

“The Lord is risen! Alleluia!” Though we are still in this difficult time of the pandemic, we can celebrate the festivities of Easter with joy & hope. The pandemic can draw us into the deepest mysteries of our faith. As those who believe that Jesus is Lord, we do not define ourselves by disaster; rather, we live in hope. We have been called a people of faith & a people of hope. This pandemic calls us to live both.

This weekend on this Third Sunday of Easter we have one of the most beautiful stories of the risen Lord: the road to Emmaus. This story has been celebrated in art & literature over the centuries but for us, its most important significance is expressed by the disciples walking along that road: “Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road.” That sense of ‘our hearts burning within us’ is the response we all feel when we hear this Gospel proclaimed. 

We have all travelled the road to Emmaus at some time as we had our hopes dashed. But what a difference the presence of Christ makes in our lives. Our eyes are opened to a new way of looking at reality by the Word of God. 

Pope Francis, commenting on the Emmaus Story, said, “We have all had difficult moments in life, dark moments in which we walked in sadness, pensive, without horizons, with only a wall before us. And Jesus is always beside us to give us hope, to warm our hearts & to say: “Go ahead, I am with you. Go ahead”. 

The secret of the road that leads to Emmaus is simply this: God will walk with us always, even in the most painful moments, even in the worst moments, even in moments of defeat. That is where the Lord is. And this is our hope. 

We define ourselves by Easter hope. This is the time when we celebrate new life in the Church through the Sacraments of Initiation. Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist remind us that we belong to God & that God sustains, informs, inspires & feeds us as we journey through life. Let us go forward with this hope! Because he is beside us and walks with us. Always! 

God bless you all.

News from the Parish

St. Bonaventure Scholarship

The St. Bonaventure Scholarship Society provides scholarships for Catholic Students from St. Bonaventure Parish who are graduating from Calgary Catholic High Schools. To be eligible, you must be a graduating student who is enrolling in a post-secondary program. 

The $850 award will be made by the selection committee considering church involvement, financial need, academic achievement & extra-curricular /community involvement.


The application deadline is May 1, 2021 

Click here for application

Mask use is mandatory for everyone who enters our churches and offices. Parishioners who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons can be exempt from this regulation except when receiving Holy Communion. All parishioners must wear masks when lining up for the distribution of Holy Communion, including those receiving a blessing.


Since the dispensation from the Sunday Obligation still applies, it is encouraged if anyone is unable to wear a mask or has concerns about exposure or their safety, that they participate in mass virtually via the many options available.


Close contacts must be limited to people in the same household.


Physical distancing between households must be maintained at all times, including after mass.


Please do not congregate or gather at any time or anywhere before or after mass.


Anyone who has even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness must remain home.

Together in Action


In addition to supporting outside charitable agencies, the TIA supports much that goes on in the diocese, including funding our seminarians and looking after our retired priests. 

Our parish's goal for Together in Action this year is $60,247. 


Let us continue the work of charity & generosity which the Lord calls us to, & share the blessings which He has bestowed upon us.

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